// Mobile report – STARTCRAFT

Mobile report about crafts entrepreneurship teaching and crafts entrepreneurial skills demand according to representatives from the sector.

Mobile report will have a form of interactive resource which will allow for searching and filtering the answers using various criteria (e.g., the user will be able to choose the skill and based on that the methods developing this skill will be presented or search the skills that are the most demanded on the market by the craft entrepreneurs, etc) and will reveal the most needed skills. It will be also available as mobile app for quick reference from any place via the phone. In addition, to make it more attractive, it will include tips for self-development for educators and learners.

Major information found in the investigation on the project subject was from previous reports and studies developed between 2009 and 2011. Also, partners intend, as a preliminary output, to update the information and deepen the research with proper updated data. The report will include results of two parallel studies:

  1. Questionnaire research done by partners among vet and c-vet educators, especially from crafts and business fields. Partners will perform research which will deepen what was done in the preliminary research. This part of research will show current methods and approaches as well as the main skills being taught and developed.
  2. Focus groups and interviews done by partners among craft businesses. Partners will use the database they created in the preparation stage and will search for new contacts too.

This part of research will identify what it really takes, what skills and attitudes are needed to be successful craft entrepreneur in today’s highly turbulent environment.