Last 16th June, the Chamber organised the second consortium meeting of the StartCraft project.

This project, launched in September 2020, seeks to develop training and practical education for craft entrepreneurs in 6 European countries. During this second meeting online, the Chamber, as coordinator of the programme, shared with the rest of the partners an overview of the project implementation and reporting.

Additionally, the representative of InnoHub, the quality lead of the consortium, Marta Fernandez, presented the quality results obtained in this area by the consortium so far. the overall balance is very positive, highlighting the good communication among partners.

Kainotomia, the communication and dissemination lead of the consortium, showed the main project communication achievements so far. All the partners had the possibility to share their ideas to increase the engagement and participation of craft entrepreneurs and VET organizations through social networks.

Finally, the lead of the development of the training modules, the organization Smooland, presented the work to be developed by each partner and the materials to use. designed considering the needs of the artisans. These needs were identified by the consortium in a research developed in January through focus groups and surveys.

For that reason, the project will soon put at craft entrepreneurs and future craft entrepreneur’s disposal different learning modules on how to draft contracts, internet sales, social media marketing, SEO marketing, pricing products and services, well-being and work-life balance, and cultural value of craft products, among other online courses.

The Chamber thanks all the project partners their participation and hopes to continue enhancing these collaborations to benefit entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs in the craft sector.